Monday, October 7, 2013

Cool, Play, Work

Cool, Play, Work

I've been wanting a cape for years and have been putting it off because I kept thinking, "What the heck would I wear with a cape?" I thought maybe they were a fun addition to the closet, but I could maybe pair them with one or two pieces that I already owned. The only people I thought who wore capes were superheros, editors-in-chiefs of prominent fashion magazines, and sophisticated fashionistas who enjoyed long walks through the park on crisp autumn afternoons. However, my stubborn longing for my sophisticated, romantic stroll through the park forced me to come up with a more versatile way of viewing this classic wardrobe staple.

Here's one from H&M that I absolutely fell in love with. Cute, sophisticated, and most importantly, affordable!
Cape  $59.95
It's amazing what a cape can do to an outfit. No matter how sloppy or stained your top is that day, throw your cape on right over it, and you suddenly appear effortlessly chic.

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